“Although we are a very small office, it is the office of the top three executives so it is imperative that we always have the ability to communicate with our large offices or clients.  IT Resources understands that level of urgency and confidentiality that we require and the staff response to all matters is always committed, professional, knowledgeable, and prompt.  They show great patience working with our office of non-IT folks.  Additionally, we have a reasonable set rate for this support so we can plan the IT expenses without any surprise costs.”

Lorraine M.- Controller, Healthcare Holding Company

“I.T. Resources has always provided quality work for our company.  They are professional and very knowledgeable. We have had a working relationship with I.T. Resources for 17 years and has completed many projects large and small for us.  Most recently was a project to set us up with a redundant internet connection utilizing a product from Fatpipe Networks that has all the special features we need from load balancing to failover.  More importantly, this was all implemented with zero downtime to us and our customers because of the planning done by I.T. Resources. We use I.T. Resources for a majority of our IT needs and would recommend them to anyone.”

Steve L. – Network Manager, Leading Business Organization


“We are a small law firm that prides itself on customer service.  Unfortunately, most of our knowledge concerning computers was the button combination of CTRL-ALT-DEL.  IT Resources stepped in and became our go to people for all our computer needs.  If we needed a new printer, computer or even figuring out why a file disappeared, they were there with their expert advice.  They worked within our budget and we still received the quality we demanded.  Their employees are top notch, always professional and never made us feel inferior.  They responded quickly and actually explained how they fixed something so we were able to learn more about our system.  We have had computer companies before but never had the service, customer approach and respect that IT Resources shows us.  I highly recommend IT Resources because they listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do.”

Amanda D. – Hartford Based Law Firm

“IT Resources came very highly recommended to us and it did not take long to realize why. With all of the quality services they have provided for us what is most invaluable is the peace of mind we experience due to their unparalleled reliability. The employees are friendly and professional and never fail to respond to any inquiry with the upmost efficiency. “

Erin M. – New Britain Manufacturer

“I.T. Resources is the epitome of excellence!! We have worked with I.T. Resources for a number of years. They are easy to work with, professional with great integrity, honest and consistently provide the highest quality service. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous with an impeccable response time. We highly recommend I.T. Resources.”

Gale R. – President, Local Insurance Company

“The service from IT Resources is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We have established a good partnership where service is prompt, courteous and where no job is too small. We have a good working team.”

Mary A. – Local Wholesale Goods Supplier

“Every individual that I worked with from beginning to end has been incredibly efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, personable and terrific to work with. The few challenging issues I had with my computer system were treated with a thorough workup and plan. Everyone at I.T. resources have been exceptionally terrific and professional to work with.”

Dr. Loren S.