Every year the legal industry faces new challenges: Deadlines, regulations, staying organized, showing value to clients, time constraints, competition for services and maintaining momentum, all put increasing pressure on firms to become more efficient. This in turn puts pressure on attorneys and staff to be more productive while ensuring they don’t miss deadlines -the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys. We help firms determine what solutions make the most sense for their practice and ensure their success in today’s increasingly complex environment.

Firms need to ensure compliance, collaborate within and outside their organization, and securely protect their client’s confidentiality in a fast moving marketplace. To achieve these goals, law firms should consider leveraging technology solutions to automate processes that otherwise require repetitive, manual entry. We have experience with many types of software that can help, including:

Case Management Software

Easy to use practice management software gives you all the tools you need to run your business including; case management, time, billing and accounting operations. The user interface, reporting, invoicing and client-facing communications can be customized to fit your law firms practice methods enabling your staff to be more efficient and productive.  Share client information quickly while ensuring critical case details are easily accessed by all necessary parties. Manage cases, track time, automate billing and communicate efficiently with your clients, partners and staff.

Law Firm Cloud Suite

  • An integrated suite of leading cloud-based compliance, productivity and security solutions to enable the modern law firm to become more efficient and grow your business
  • Customizable legal solutions to enable firms to calculate, access and share deadlines from anywhere, anytime
  • Court rule changes automatically notify and update users to manage risk and avoid missed deadlines
  • Collaborate efficiently on matters with colleagues, share secure documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers easily
  • Manage deadlines from beginning to end without ever leaving your email Inbox
  • Instantly calculate and share deadlines based on state and federal court rules in all 50 states, plus manage matter-based deadlines
  • Simplify collaboration and communications internally with staff and externally with co-counsel, experts and clients

Electronic Signatures

  • Maintain client confidentiality through email encryption while delivering documents instantly and securely, with time-stamped proof of delivery
  • Execute legal contracts online in minutes. From fee agreements to complex corporate transactions including:
    • Retention and Fee Agreement
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Power of Attorney Agreements
    • Class Action Communications
    • Employment Contracts
  • The strongest levels of legal enforceability for eSignatures on a global scale, with non-repudiation audit trails, bank-level encryption, tamper-proof sealed certificates, and multi-factor authentication
  • Sign or request signatures online in minutes, significantly streamlining the contract process
  • Manage all of your contracts from one central location and get real-time visibility into the status of each document so you know when your recipients have received, viewed and signed their contracts, which makes following up easy

Email Encryption

Maintain client privilege and confidentiality through email encryption while delivering documents instantly and securely, with time-stamped proof of delivery.
Court admissible time-stamped evidence of email content delivered, secure and certified large file transfer, legal electronic signatures, and more.
Direct delivery of encrypted message content, right to the recipient’s inbox.
Prove email delivery, time of delivery and exact content.
Accelerate legally-binding sign off on documents and agreements, whether for e-contracting or e-signing.

Business Collaboration

Powerful collaboration platform layered with robust admin features allowing law firms to securely access and share their most important business files.
Secure storage of documents with accessibility from any location, on multiple devices, by all members of the team.
Share documents in real-time.

Backup Cloud

Law firms increasingly rely on technology, and an IT disruption even for a few hours can result in the loss of billable time, regulatory non-compliance penalties, a security breach, or worse.

Protecting a law firm’s data and ensuring business continuity is critical to their continued success. Our services provide secure and cost-effective data protection solutions, protecting every aspect of IT operations for your organization, without putting extra strain on limited IT resources or budgets.

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