Every day Healthcare providers deal with a wide range of challenges in delivering high-quality patient care and running their business efficiently while complying with regulations such as those found under HIPAA. Time constraints, regulations, competition for services directly affect the quality of patient care and puts pressure on providers to become more efficient. This is why we offer specialized solutions built for healthcare professionals to make their jobs easier, and can focus more time and money on the truly important things- helping people.

HIPAA Compliance Assessment

There are approximately 3 million companies including hospitals, emergency medical clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, and other health related entities that are required by law to have a specialized IT risk assessment performed to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA. Leon Rodriguez, the former director of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was responsible for enforcing HIPAA and HITECH laws while in office. When he was asked where entities suffer the most audit failures, his response was they they “fail to preform a comprehensive, thorough risk analysis and apply the results of that analysis.” To help organizations such as yours ensure they don’t fall into the same trap, we preform a comprehensive analysis of your organization detailing your:

Risk Analysis

This identifies Protected Health Information (PHI) locations, vulnerabilities, threats, and likelihood of impact of a threat acting on a vulnerability. This, in turn, helps determine how protected data moves inside and outside of the organization and provides a list of items that must be remedied to ensure compliance.

Remediation Plan

The remediation plan contains all the necessary steps, tasks, and other criteria required to bring the organization into compliance.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are a list of best practices from healthcare industry experts to assist your organization in complying with HIPAA. This information also assists in educating your employees with regards to safeguarding patient and other critical information.

Management Plan

The management plan details the ongoing steps the organization should take to minimize, avoid, and respond to future risks. This plan also ensures you understand the steps you need to take going forward when dealing with employees, patients, data, information, and changes to your technology and business practices.


Patient information needs to be shared within the organization and sometimes with other healthcare providers in a secure and confidential manner. To achieve these goals doctors, dentists, optometrists, and  other providers of healthcare should consider leveraging technology solutions specifically bundled together to keep the organization and its employees within regulatory compliance. To support the unique requirements of Healthcare practices we offer the following services:

Email for Healthcare

Specifically designed to meet health requirements for patient-centered collaboration, user productivity, robust security, and adherence to privacy regulations such as HIPAA. Empower your staff with fast, easy ways to communicate with each other and their patients, securely and within compliance.

Electronic Signatures

Allows healthcare providers to spend more time delivering care and less time processing paperwork by simplifying documentation processes that require forms, signatures, and notes while meeting compliance requirements by controlling the signing process and ensuring all information is authenticated and remains both private and secure.

  • Enhances Patient Experience
  • Improves Care Coordination
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves HIPAA Compliance

Instantly improve the patient experience by enabling them to fill out forms ahead of time on their own mobile device or computer resulting in more face time with the care givers.

  • When patients, physicians, and payers collaborate, care improves. This tool helps healthcare providers gather and properly use patient information to provide the best care possible
  • Ensures that claims and legal documents are reviewed and completed in the first attempt reducing turn-around-time and increasing productivity
  • Enables full compliance with ESIGN, UETA, and HIPAA, providing complete, court-admissible audit trails, anti-tampering controls, and multi-faced signing verification

Mobile Security

Helps secure patient health information (PHI) and allows healthcare professionals to provide excellent care with features such as:

  • Expedite patient care through secure access to patient data on mobile device in order to provide faster, more comprehensive care
  • Prevent negative brand exposure and litigation costs by identifying cyber attacks before patient health information (PHI) is compromised
  • Avoid HIPAA fines through the enforcement of security policies which keep workers from inappropriately downloading PHI to unsecure personal devices

Backup Cloud

A cost-effective service that backs up your patient and non-patient data to HIPAA compliant data centers in encrypted format ensuring all information is protected and secure.

Business Collaboration

Powerful collaboration platform with robust admin features that enables healthcare providers to securely access and share their most important files – enabling them to work anywhere, anytime, on any device – securely.

  • Share documents in real-time
  • Seamlessly works across all devices and platforms
  • Easily share files and folders with editable or view-only access, inside and outside your healthcare organization

Email Encryption

Email encryption enables healthcare professionals to simply and securely send, receive, track and control email communications internally and externally with patients, pharmacies or other healthcare agencies on any device, including smart phones and tablets. Integrates seamlessly into existing email infrastructure including Outlook, Office365, Gmail and other standard email platforms using existing email addresses.

If any of these many solutions sound like they could help your office, please Contact Us to learn more.